🌺 K-Beauty Korea IBAC 16th in Thailand 🌺


 Date-Time : 9 September 2023

 Where : CDC Balloon Room

 Prapradit Manutham Rd.  Ram Inthra, Bangkok

🔴 The event has the following types of competitions:

1. PMU eyebrow tattoo competition, lines, blades, leather sheets

2. PMU eyebrow tattoo competition, ombre leather sheet

3. PMU Lip Tattoo Contest

4. Facial Massage Competition

5. Oil Massage Competition

6. Thai Massage Competition

7. Fantasy Nail Art Competition

8. Bride Makeup Contest

9. Tattoo competition on the body, leather pads

10. Eyelash Extension Competition Classic eyelash extensions and Volume eyelash extensions.

11. Yoga Competition


👉 Judge: 300,000 won

👉 Player: 200,000 won

🔴 What the Judge will receive

1. Master certificate from K-Beauty Korea with a paper cover from the Federation (example as shown in the picture)

2. IBAC PIN 1 piece (example as shown in the picture)

3. 1 piece of neck scarf

4. E-Banner Exhibitors1file

5. E -invitation letter. 1 file Invitation letter in English

6. X-stand.

7. Attend an International Gala Dinner

Western menu 3 courses

 1.Appetizer&salad (choose 1 menu)

 2.Main courses (choose 1 menu)

 3.Desserts (choose 1 menu)

 Including soft drinks

Participate in the lucky draw to win a facial rejuvenation program.  Facelift without surgery in Korea

Exhibitor  INTERNATIONAL GALA Dinner, everyone join a chance to win a prize to be a lucky winner of Korea make over program for facial rejuvenation and facial contouring without surgery at DR.KIMVANCE clinic in Incheon.

 South Korea from sponsor Regent International Co. by Mr.Yu Yong Guon (Ms.Susie Hathaithep), worth 5000 us$per program, 3 prizes total 16,000 US$ 

  • Vouchers are anonymous and transferable, valid until Dec. 2024
  • Prizes worth 5,000 us$ is do not include airfare, accommodation and meals.
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash in all cases.

🔴 What the competitor will receive

 1 Certificate  From 1 Korean kebab (example as in the photo)  with paper cover

2. T-Shirt, IBAC 16th, Free size, 1 piece

3. Commemorative trophy for IBAC 16th 1 piece

4. E-Banner exhibitors1file

5. E-invitation letter. 1 file (invitation letter in English)

6. Competitor neck tag

7. Join the International Gala Dinner

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