📌Welcome back again! @angelash_khm
📍Angelash Styling kurs in München @queenbeauty.muenchen
Queen Beauty & Academy Wotanstr 105
WhatsApp: +491742596888
IG: queen_beauty_academys
FB: Hong Phuong Nguyen
Adresse: Wotanstr 105 – 80639 München- Germany

Angelash Styling:
✔️Geometry of eyes. I’ll teach everyone to be lashARTIST!
✔️”50 shades of effects”: “Cat eye”, “squirrel effect”, “round effect” in 50 different mappings! Everything you’ll see in real examples!
✔️Styling by colors, by thickness, by curls in one eyelash extension – it’s so easy and professional!
✔️Styling in layers, yes yes. You have never heard about it😁
✔️Work with L, L+ and M curls (I’ll share with you my tips and tricks of work with these curls)
✔️WET EFFECT, EYELINER EFFECT, EFFECT KIM K – after this webinar it’ll be easier than “cat eye” effect for you💪🏽
✔️Asymmetry of eyes: I’ll teach you how to change it working with different lengths, curls, colors, layers of lashes
✔️2 days of information and inspiration from me!

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