Join us 🔈WORLD PMU INDUSTRY CONVENTION PMU Championship 2023 announcement

Save the date!
September 22 to 24 of 2023 we will celebrate an extraordinary unforgettable gala that you can’t miss!
The gala will be accompanied by musicians, artists, special effects, remarkable dinner with champagne crowned with the announcement of the championship results.
Dress code for gala: black, white and silver

The conference will be held at Hilton Airport Munich 22/23/24 September 2023.

World Pmu Industry Convention Munich / Germany


We invite you to the first Edition of WORLD PMU INDUSTRY CONVENTION for the most extraordinary Pmu event in Germany Munich.
This conference will be different than ever before.
Talent meets humanity, a big chance to grow together.
The best of the best in PMU worldwide.
Strengths will come together with the experienced ones to create the new PMU stars.
You don’t know them yet but You will love them!
PMU Power- knowledge, experience and perfection.


The conference will last three days with the Speakers from Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Holland, UK, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, USA, Vietnam, Australia, Saudi Arabia and many more.
PMU artists, Masters in action, workshops, championship, exhibitions.
In order to take care of every detail we have already started preparations for this amazing event!


With great pleasure I would like to introduce you to the face and voice of the World Pmu Industry Convention Event, our presenter @Frederick Wettey 🙌 In this video Frederic prepared for us you can now feel 1% of the feeling Get what to expect in 5 months.

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